Thursday, June 07, 2007

Kerala calling....anybody home?

Hi All

In response to our performance at the Soorya Festival in Trivandrum last year we’ve been invited again to perform at this years festival. I am being bamboozled by these 1000 phone calls asking us to perform. The festival is scheduled from October 11th to October 20th. The problem is that we don’t have a play and we are to confirm our participation by 12th June.

Does any one have any ideas? I think this gives us an opportunity to look at a new play. A few shows in Kerala would fund the play. The Yacht Club and Asianet are perpetual sponsors.

Does any one have a script we can have a look at? Rohit can you get the script of Blood Knot? Do you think its do able.

Anyway guys scratch your brains out and let’s get a script and do it for the Soorya Festival.


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