Thursday, May 17, 2007

Postcards From Kochi

these are a few pictures i took with my phone on our recent trip to trichur and kochi. all of these, except the last one, were taken at the kochi yacht club where we performed on 31st march 2007.

this first one was taken at about 11 am. some of the boys had gone "shopping". yes, that’s right!! apparently avara knew this place where you could get some great clothes really cheap, so off went avara, harvery and loki to grab some bargains.

the club is built on the banks of the backwaters, which flow in and out of the ocean, which is very close. great great place!! absolutely spectacular.

a railway bridge is built over the water very close to the club and trains pass by quite often. they are loud and make quite a racket. a train actually went by during the performance and while we waited, mike looked at his watch and said something like “that must be the 8 o’clock”. that cracked us all up. smart move old boy!!

mike and rohit were cooling off in the swimming pool upstairs and i was downstairs admiring the fabulous view and watching our stage take shape. I found myself a comfortable table and ordered a fresh lime soda. The day had started very well…

halfway through my soda, the manager of the club came up to me. he looked disapprovingly at me. even a little sad. “don’t you drink beer” he asked. sheepishly i nodded my head. He looked relieved and summoned a waiter, and asked him to bring me a beer. The first of many, i must admit.

Three beers down. The stage is ready. Let’s get this show on the road.

this one was taken during the show at about 9 pm. harvey, loki and me were watching from the last row where we had set up the light mixer.

loki takes one last look at the very traditional and ethnic facade of the kochi airport before we all fly back home.
lots of ice cream and cake in the departure lounge, and then it’s home sweet home.
what a trip!!

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