Thursday, April 19, 2007

Avara writes about the Cochin show & after.

Hi All.

OK guys the response for the Kochi shows have been tremendous. I was told that the Club was flooded with call enquiring about us. I'd met Sejoe from the entertainment committee and I'll tell you that Gnatak has a permanent venue at the Yacht Club when ever we do a show.

And now the bad news Mike's sister and her husband liked the show so much they asked if we could perform for the Rotary Club for their fund raising event. A sum of about 50,000 + expenses were mentioned but we have to confirm amongst ourselves first. Can we consider a new play if this amount is being paid to us.

But here’s just a thought I think the actors and the director and the crew have worked on this play for over a year I think we got Gnatak a bank balance. Why don’t we do a show or two to pay our selves? I think we deserve it so why not consider the show offered to us?

May be we can do one more show in Trichur. But we might have to wait for the leaves to grow back on the mango tree there. My cousin told me that during the fight suddenly guys ran out of the hall and started biting off leaves from the mango tree and when they had enough the ran back straight into the fight.

Any way here’s a thought seriously why don’t we do a show to pay ourselves? I'm sure we could all use the money.

So let’s get on the road again guys.


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